7th-8th November 2013
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Opening Ceremony


Management of trauma and its sequelae




Polytrauma: What’s new? What’s known?


Break (Lunch)


Symposium «Not only implants: What should an orthopaedic surgeon know about the prophylaxis of Deep Vein Thrombosis?» (Behringer)




Polytrauma: What’s new? What’s known? (Continuation)


Symposium (Zimmer)






Symposium (Servier)




Perioperational problems and complications


Symposium by Orthoforum and  The Russian Hip Society


"Failed ORIF of proximal femoral fractures"


Polytrauma patients with pelvic fractures


Course Dinner (Buffet)


Small Conference Hall

Hall 1

Hall 2


Polytrauma Course 1


Sport injuries in professional sports. General and organizational issues



Meeting of Head of Departments of Traumatology, Orthopaedics of Russian Medical Universities



10.00-12.00  The Organization of Polytrauma Care




Polytrauma Course 2




Management of athletes with hip, knee and ankle joint diseases and injuries



Approach to diagnosis and management of patients with polytrauma




Masterclass " Pain syndromes in upper extremity disease and trauma: Differential diagnosis and management. (MSD)





Polytrauma Course 3


Management of athletes with upper extremity diseases and injuries


Approach to diagnosis and management of patients with polytrauma



Poster Session (Exposition hall 2 floor)


Closing Ceremony






7.11.2013, Small Conference Hall


Opening Ceremony

Welcome address -Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Welcome address - Russian Academy of Medical Science

Welcome address - Rector of the Russian National Research Medical University


Polytrauma: What’s new? What’s known?

Chairpersons: Bagnenko S.F., Golubev V.G., Eskin N. A., Zagorodny N.V., Zorya V.I., Kavalersky G.M., Losev I.I., Mironov S.P., Skoroglyadov A.V.

Bagnenko S.F. (St. Petersburg), The current state and prospects of creation an effective system of care for patients with polytrauma in the Russian Federation (30 min.)

Dubrov V.E. (Moscow), Peacetime Emergency Management (15 min.)

Agadzhanyan V.V., Pronsky A.A., Kravtsov S.A., Shatalin A.V. (Leninsk-Kuznetsky), The structure of Polytrauma patient care in a large industrial area (an urban setting) (15 min.)

Zavrazhnov A.A., Shevchenko A.V., Skopets A.A., Ruvinov S.R., Porkhanov V.A. (Krasnodar), Contradictions and unresolved problems associated with the regional trauma system (15 min.)

Skoroglyadov A.V., Gordiyenko D.I. (Moscow), Management of polytrauma patients with open fractures of the tibia (15 min.)

 Gumanenko E.K. (St. Petersburg), Current approach to the management of a multiply-injured/polytrauma patient in the early hours of the traumatic disease (15 min.)



Polytrauma: Whats new? Whats known? (Continuation)

Chairpersons: Agadzhanyan V.V., Ivanov P.A., Klyuchevsky V.V., Korzh N.A., Prokhorenko V.M., Reznik L.B., Samokhvalov I.M., Skoroglyadov A.V.

Aleynikov A.V., Aleynikov A.A. (Nizhny Novgorod), Questions and expectations as regards efficiency of Trauma Centres in the region of Nizhniy Novgorod (10 min.)

 Brizhan L.K., Davydov D.V., Petrov V.K., Kerimov A.A., Aksenov Yu.V., Aseeva I.A., Slivkov K.A., Umnikov A.S. (Moscow), Current approach in the management of patients with battlefield musculoskeletal injuries (10 min.)

Slivkov K.A., Umnikov A.S. (Moscow), the present state of the treatment of patients with combat disorders of the musculoskeletal system (10 min.)

 Porkhanov V.A., Zavrazhnov A.A., Blazhenko A.N., Shevchenko A.V., Skopets A.A., Zyablova E.I. (Krasnodar), Ways to improve care in the acute phase of a polytrauma patient in a tertiary hospital setting (10 min.)

Reva V.A., Petrov A.N., Pronchenko A.A., Samokhvalov I.M. (Saint Petersburg), Peacetime vascular injuries associated with long bone fractures (10 min.)

Ivanov P.A., Fayn A.M. (Moscow), Диагностика и лечение тяжелой сочетанной травмы таза (10 минут)

Ansaloni L., Magnone S., Coccolini F., Piazzalunga D., Manfredi R. (Bergamo, Italy), Management of hemodinamically unstable pelvic trauma: results of the first Italian Consensus Conference (15 min.)

Kazanov I.V., Borisov M.B., Deisenko V.V., Grebnev A.R., Samokhvalov I.M. (Moscow), Comparative analysis of the retroperitoneal pelvic packing technique in haemorrhage control (10 min.)

Ankin N.L., Burluka V.V., Maksimenko M.A., Pastushkov A.V., Fedchenko R.L. (Kiev, Ukraine), Our surgical experience in the management of polytrauma patients with unstable pelvic fractures (10 min.)

Klimovitsky V.G., Rushay A.K., Bodachenko K.A., Makarenko A.V. (Donetsk, Ukraine), The Peculiarities in the management of high energy open fracture at the early stage of hospital care (10 min.)


Bosko O.Y., Malanin D.A. (Volgograd), ORIF (Osteosynthesis) of rib fractures in the management of complex blunt thoracic trauma (10 min.)

Petrov Y.N., Samochalov I.M., Petrov A.N., Semyonov E.A., Rud` A.A.  (St. Petersburg), Surgical algorithm in traumatic closed degloving injuries of the skin in polytrauma patients (10 min.)

Sharipov I.A., Kasatskiy A.V., Vasina T.A. (Moscow), Thoracoabdominal and thoracophrenicoabdominal injuries in polytrauma (10 min.)

Yessimzhanov M., Dobson R., Tatanov A. (Stockholm, Sweden), Medical Care in a Multiple Causality Incident (10 min.)


Meeting: Perioperative difficulties and complications

Chairpersons: Vorotnikov V.A., Zavrazhnov A.A., Malanin L.A., Skoroglyadov A.V.

Kopenkin S.S., Features prevention of venous thromboembolic events in the Russian traumatology: the recommendations can help (20 min)

Ole Dahl (Denmark), New recommendation for VTE prophylaxis (30 min.)

Sergeev I.I., Apaguni A.E., Vlasov A.U., Arzumanov S.V., Ulyanchenko M.I., Esenaliev A.A., Shishmanidi A.K. (Stavropol), Complications in the polytrauma department of a level 1 Stavropol city emergrncy care hospital (10 min.)

Bugaev D.A., Gorbunkov V.Ya., Derevianko D.V. (Stavropol, St. Petersburg), The peculiarities of VTE (Venous thromboembolism) prophylaxis of polytrauma patients as evaluated by an expert independent external examining body in charge of Quality of Medical Care (10 min.)

Andriyashkin V.V. (Moscow), The interaction of trauma and phlebologist: Management of venous thrombosis (20 minutes)

Zarkov S.I., Tukov Y.A., Gubaidullin M.I.(Chelyabinsk), Evaluation of the Quality of Medical Care given at a hospital, after a Road Traffic Injury, in the event of a poor outcome of treatment (10 min.)

Shchalachov V.V., Zavrazhnov A.A., Pyatakov S.N., Vasil’chenko P.P.(Krasnodar), Surgical management of periprosthetic infection complication after total hip and knee arthroplasty (10 min.)


Petrov A.N., Samochvalov I.M., Rud А.А., Semyonov E.A., Petrov A.A. (St. Petersburg), The use of pneumo vibrostimulation in the prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism of trauma patients (10 min.)


7.11.2013, Hall 1


Meeting: Management of trauma and its sequelae

Moderated by: Beletsky A.V., Brizhan L.K., Volokitina E.A.,

Nunley J. (USA), Current strategy of treatment posttraumatic ankle malution (30 min.)

Andreas Roth (Jena, Germany), The peculiarities in surgical technique in patients with posttraumatic hip and knee arthroplasty (15 min.)

Korobushkin G.V., Dmitriev O.A.,  Skoroglyadov A.V. (Moscow), The Minimally Invasive Osteosynthesis technique in calcaneal fractures (7 min.)

Brizhan L.K., Davidov D.V., Buryachenko B.P., Kozlov G.N., Petrov V.K., Kerimov A.A., Slivkov K.A., Umnikov A.S. (Moscow), The current management of trauma and musculoskeletal pathology in the setting of a specialized tertiary hospital (7 min.)

Sitnik A.A., Beletsky A.V., Bondarev O.N., Korzun O.A., Chaykovsky V. (Minsk, Belarus), Retrograde intramedullary nailing of femoral fractures (7 min.)

Ivanov P.A., Kalenskiy V.O. (Moscow), Induced membrane technique in the treatment of long bone defects. Preliminary report (7 min.)

Zhunusov E.T., Botayev R.S., Estemesov N.T., Usin E.N., Suleymenov A.B. (Astana, Kazakhstan), NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) – “Gold standard” in the management of open long bone fractures in polytrauma (7 min.)

Shibayev E.Y., Vlasov A.P,  Kisel D.A., Lazarev M.P., Nevedrov A.V., Tsoglin L.L. (Moscow), Early post-trauma soft tissue care in complex open fractures of the tibia (7 min.)

Korobushkin G.V., Korolev M.A., Dmytriev O.A. (Moscow), Criteria used to evaluate the treatment of traumatic foot injury in a polytrauma patient (7 min.)

Romanov S.Y., Korshunov V.F., Melnikov V.S., Vyborov D.Y. (Moscow), The approach to management of patients with Road Traffic related hand injuries and their sequelae (7 min.)

Miromanov A.M., Namokonov E.V., Gerasimov A.A. (Chita), The preclinical diagnosis of fracture complications (7 min.)

Losev I.I., Kim Y.D., Chernov A.P. (Samara), Current management of patients with acute subcutaneous achilles tendon rupture (7 min.)

13.45 - 15.15

Symposium (Zimmer)

Verheyden Akhil P. (Lahr, Germany), Fractures of the lower extremities. The best implant option


Symposium (Servier)


Symposium by Orthoforum and  The Russian Hip Society: failed ORIF of proximal femoral fractures

Moderators: Ahtyamov I.F., Vereshagin N.A., Voloshin V.P.

Chelnokov A.N., Reoperation after failed ORIF of proximal femoral fractures 

Kuropatkin G.V., Conversion Arthroplasty after failed ORIF of hip intratrochanteric fractures

Gilfanov S.I., Corrective osteotomy after failed proximal femoral fractures: new possibilities


7.11.2013, Hall 2


Pelvic fractures in polytrauma patients

Presentation time – 7 min.

Chairpersons: Dubrov V.E., Lazarev A.F.,

Donchenko S.V., Slinyakov L.U., Chernyaev A.V. (Moscow), Stabilization of posteriorly unstable pelvic fractures

Govorov V.V., Govorova N.V., Govorov M.V., Uzlov M.V., Penkov, E.V., Druk D.M. (Omsk), Pelvic temporary transport immobilization in the management of high-energy polytrauma patients

Grin A.A. (Tyumen), Management of polytrauma patients with a combination of femoral and pelvic fractures

Nikitin V.V., Islamov S.A., Sokolova I.V., Erofeev A.P. (Ufa), Diagnostic  algorithm and management t of transacetabular pelvic fractures in polytrauma

Denisenko V.V., Borisov M.B., Grebnev A.R., Petrov A.V., Samokhvalov I.M. (St. Petersburg), Management of unstable pelvic fractures

Mishustin A.D., Djabarov A.F., Petrovsky E.M. (Tula), Our experience in the management of unstable pelvic fractures

Sergeev S.V., Ananin D.A. (Moscow), An ideal plate for the reconstruction of the anterior hemipelvis in polytrauma patients with unstable pelvic fractures

Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Stoyukhin S.S., Sacharnich I.N. (Moscow), The current surgical management of acute pelvic fractures

Tezekbaev K.M., Zhunusov E.T., Smagulov E.M., Muratbek E.S., Salimov R.M. (Astana, Kazakhstan), The role of «damage control orthopedics» in polytrauma:  external fixator or skeletal traction?

Ganzhurov N.A., Borozda I.V., Slastin S.S., Bregadze E.Y. (Blagoveschensk ), The use of Reamberin in the management of unstable pelvic fractures

Polyushkin K.S., Shevchenko A.V. (Krasnodar), Uncontrolled pelvic hemorrhage in polytrauma patients with unstable pelvic fractures

Plotnikov I.A., Bondarenko A.V. (Barnaul), Different approaches to the management of polytrauma patients with distal third femoral fractures


Shchetkin V.A., Chernishev A.S., Ivanov P.A., Fain A.M., Chukina E.A., Vorontsov Y.A. (Moscow), An early rehabilitation programme for patients after surgical fixation of pelvic fractures



8.11.2013, Small Conference Hall


Polytrauma Course 1

Chairpersons:  Pape H.-C (Germany), Giannoudis P. (Great Britain)

Ruchholtz (Marburg, Germany), German Trauma Network – a role model for other countries?

Nick Wolfson, (San Francisco, USA), Disaster Management

Vilmos Vecsei, (Vienna, Austria), Who do we need – a generalist or an expert?

Roman Pfeifer (Germany), The role of post traumatic Inflammation


Polytrauma Course 2

Hans-Christoph Pape (Aachen, Germany), Initial Assessment and management of major fractures

Peter Giannoudis (Great Britain), Management of open fractures and vascular injuries

Gordyenko D.I, Management of diaphyseal bone defects

Luke Leenen (Netherlands), Strategies for chest injuries

Pol Rommens (Germany), Management of pelvic fractures


Polytrauma Course 3

Rommens P.-M., Mironov A. (Tomsk), C-clamp application technique in emergency pelvic stabilisation (30 min.)

Prof. Pape (Aachen, Germany), Litvina Е.А. (Moscow) Ex-fix application technique in emergency pelvic stabilisation (30 min.)


8.11.2013, Hall 1


Sport injuries in professional sports. General and organizational issues

Chairpersons: Mironov S.P., Ordzhonikidze Z.G., Polyaev B.A., Reva V.D., Uyba V.V.

Rakov S.A., Popova A.V. Strakhov M.A., Results of medical facility provisions for athletes of Russian National Teams in 2011-2012 (10 min.)

Lazarev S.V., Bugaev Y.V., The ability to prevent sport-related injuries of professional athletes from the perspective of National Team Physicians (10 min.)

Pleskov A.P., Shatohin K.A., Korolev K.A., Keshishyan R.A., Strahov M.A., The peculiarities of medical facilities provided for the ‘Sochi 2014’ Olympic Games (10 min.)

Vihodets I.T., Pleskov A.P., Shatohin K.A., The peculiarities of sport related injuries and the implementation of international medical standards of care in the medical facilities of Sochi 2014 (10 min.)

Borodina M.A., Sport trauma and mortality. Basic and advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation. International standards (10 min.)

Kersten Enke, Standard international guidelines for training of emergency service personnel on how to provide emergency care in professional sport injuries (10 min.)

Krutov G.M. (Moscow), Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, its effect of rehabilitation and modes of management (10 min.)

Strahov M.A., Skoroglyadov A.V., Complex regional pain syndrome in sports. Current management and prevention.   (10 min.)

Sermyazhko G.K. (Tula), Shockwave therapy in the rehabilitative management of patients with limb diaphyseal fractures in a city rehabilitation centre (10 min.)

Skoroglyadov A.V. Lazishvili G. D., Strakhov M.A., The need to monitor sport related injuries in professional sports. A suggestion to create a national independent expert body to monitor sport related injuries in professional athletes.

13.00 - 14.30

Management of athletes with hip, knee and ankle joint diseases and injuries

Chairpersons: Devis A.E., Korolev A.V., Lazishvili G.D.

Lazishvili G.D., Zatikyan V.P. (Moscow), Biotechnology in the management of large osteochondral defects of the femoral condyles (10 мин.)

Arkov V.V., Milenin O.N., Milenina A.I., Zheltov R.V., Semenova E.S., Hayrullayev A.S., Rudnikov E.E. (Moscow), Rehabilitation  of athletes after a knee surgery: prevention and management of a patellofemoral pain syndrome" (10 min.)

Gary Bledsoe, Ph.D. (USA), Current principles of dynamic orthotic management of knee degenerative joint disease and trauma  (10min.)

Lazishvili G.D., Doshlova D.V. (Moscow), Surgical management of acute extensor mechanisms of the knee" (10 min.)

Malanin D.A. (Volgograd), Anatomical and standard anterior crucial ligament repair: surgical technique and initial results (10 min.)

Chelnokova N.V., Stepanov V.A., Lazishvili G.D., Acute complicated patella dislocations in professional athletes. Management. Rehabilitation (10 min.)

Lazishvili G.D., Kornayev A.S., Akmataliyev K.I. (Moscow), Bone remodelling after the use of biocomposite materials in the management of tibial condylar fractures (10 min.)

Kuksov V.F. (Samara), Before hospital assistance young sportsmen with injuries of large joints

Strakhov M.A., Skoroglyadov A.V., Chelnokova N.V., Korovkin D.A., The differential diagnosis and treatment options of articular and extra-articular pathology of the hip joint. Peculiarities of professional athletes (10 min.)


Master class: Pain syndromes in upper extremity disease and trauma: differential diagnosis and management (MSD)

(on screen technique demonstration of upper extremity nerve blocks and intra-articular injections)

Kopenkin S.S.(Moscow), Pain syndrome: competent patient help

Shirokov V.A. (Ekaterinburg), Shoulder pain: diagnostic and management difficulties. A Neuro-orthopedic point of view


Management of athletes with upper extremity diseases and injuries

Chairpersons: Lazko F.L., Orletsky A.K., Strahov M.A.

Lazishvili G.D., Shukyur-Zade E.R. (Moscow), Anatomical mini-invasive reconstruction of acromioclavicular joint dislocation (10 min.)

Golubev V.G., Devis A.E., Goncharov E.N. (Moscow), Management of shoulder injuries in throwing athletes (10 min.)

Akhpashev A.A. (Moscow), Arthroscopic arthrolysis in shoulder adhesive capsulitis (10 min.)

Arkov V.V., Milenin O.N., Milenina A.I., Zheltov R.V., Semenova E.S., Hayrullayev A.S., Rudnikov E.E. (Moscow), Biomechanical indications for rehabilitation after shoulder surgery following trauma (10 min.)

Milenin O.N. (Moscow), Our experience in the management of massive "non suturable" rotator cuff tears following shoulder injuries (10 min.)

Fedoruk G.V. (Moscow), Shoulder joint instability: stepwise approach in the diagnosis and management (10 min.)


8.11.2013, Hall 2


Questions related to the Organization of Polytrauma Care

Presentation time 7 min.

Moderators: Aleynikov A.V., Klyukvin I.Y., Minasov B.S.

Tulupov A.N., Zakaryan A.A., Chikin A.E., Mihaylov Y.M. (St. Petersburg), The Organization of Polytrauma Care in Trauma Centres within Saint Petersburg

Gural K.A., Degtyarev A.A. (Yaroslavl), The Organization of Polytrauma Care in a low population density area

Kochergaev O.V., Karpuhina L.V., Kopalin A.A., Yurchenko Y.V., Kotkin V.A. (Samara), The peculiarities of care for polytrauma patients as stipulated within the framework of the National Road Traffic Accident Health Programme

Minasov B.S., Afanasieva N.V., Yakupov R.R., Minasov T.B., Gaponov V.N., Sirodzhov K.H. (Ufa), A system of care where polytrauma patients after Road Traffic Accident are accompanied by a health traffic commissar

Aleynikov A.V., Aleynikov A.A. (Nizhniy Novgorod), Our experience in the management of polytrauma patients in Nizhniy Novgorod's Regional Level 1 Trauma Center

Korolev V.M., Poshataev K.E., Korablev V.N. (Khabarovsk), Primary analysis of the organization of trauma care in the Khabarovsk region

Lubnin A.M., Suvorov M.S., Berlinets E.A., Galov A.A., Vunder V.A. (Krasnoyarsk), The Organization of Polytrauma Care in the Krasnoyarsk region

Demidov V.A., Optimizing patient care after Road Traffic Injuries in a Level 1 Trauma Centre

Nikitin V.V., Mustafina G.T., Sakaev E.M., Sokolovа I.V., Islamov S.А. (Ufa), Problems of road traffic accidents on the m5 "ural" and m7 "volga" federal highways and solutions within the framework of the national programme in the Ufa gbuz rb pdb №21 trauma center

Apaguni A.E., Vlasov A.U., Arzumanov S.V., Ulyanchenko M.I., Sergeev I. I., Esenaliev A.A. (Stavropol), Problems that occur in trauma centres

Guseynov A.G. (Makhachkala), Optimizing care of polytrauma patient in the early periods of management

Kusturov V., Kusturova A. (Kishinev), Polytrauma: problems and solutions

Nasarov H.N., Nasarov F.N. (Tadzhikistan), A national program as an effective tool for resolving problems associated with paramedical care following Road Traffic Accidents

Moldakulov Z.M., Lidyaev A.A., Korobushkin G.V. (Astana, Moscow), Indications for primary pelvic stabilization in polytrauma patients with pelvic injuries

Barashov A.Y., Pronskikh A.A. (Kemerovo,  Leninsk-Kuznetsky), An analysis of ways to reduce complications and mortality in polytrauma patients in a level 2 trauma centre


Approach to diagnosis and management of patients with polytrauma

Presentation time 7 min.

Moderators: Batpenov N.D., But-Gusaim A.B., Gilfanov S.I., Gumanenko E.K.

Agadzhanyan V.V., Sinitsa N.S., Dovgal D.A., Obukhov S.Y. (Leninsk-Kuznetsky), Polytrauma in children. Management of musculoskeletal injuries


Kalinkin O., Gridasova E. (Donetsk, Ukraine), Principles of management of patients with |treating||victim|severe polytrauma|


Zhunussov Y.T, Sultangereyev A.B, Zhadygerov D.B, Almezhanov S.D, Sumbembayev A.T. (Astana), Tactical concept of «damage control orthopaedics». Our experience in organization and introduction into the clinical practice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Pertsov V.I., Ivakhnenko D.S., Mirenkov K.V. (Zaporozhye), The management of geriatric patients with skeletal polytrauma


Shchedrenok V.V., Gumanenko E.K., Simonova I.A., Potemkina E.G., Zakhmatova T.V., Zharova E.N., Sebelev K.I., Moguchaya O.V. (Saint-Petersburg), «Damage control surgery» in neurotrauma


Kochergaev O.V.,  Karpukhina L.V., Kopalin A.A., Yurchenko Y.А., Kotkin V.A. (Samara), The efficacy of Spiral Computed Tomography in the diagnosis of chest injury in polytrauma


Karpukhina L.V., Kochergaev O.V., Draznin V.I., Davydov V.M. (Samara), Comparative characteristics of methods of cardiac contusion diagnosis following multiple chest trauma


Batpenov N.D., Makhambetchin М.М. (Astana, Kazakhstan), Cases of atypical clinical presentation of tension pneumothorax in polytrauma


Izmaylov E.P., Titov A.N., Nagoga A.G., Komarov G.S., Arshlutova O.Y. (Samara), Outcome analysis of the management of chest trauma patients with non-bleeding haemopneumothorax that were actively managed with pleural space irrigation


Takiev A.T., Sharipov I.A., Scheglov I.P. (Moscow), The choice of methods to control early pleuropulmonary complications following blunt chest trauma in polytrauma patients


 Agadzhanyan V.V., Pronskikh A.A., Pronskikh Al.A., Agalaryan A.H. (Leninsk-Kuznetsk), Treatment of the patients with severe closed chest injury in polytrauma


Charyshkin A.L. Gafiullov M.R. (Ulyanovsk), Comparative analysis of the management of hepatic trauma


Shatalin A.V., Kvartsov S.A. (Leninsky-Kuznetsky), Airway management protocol of mechanically ventilated polytrauma patients on inter-hospital transfer to a specialized trauma center


Karpukhina L.V. , Kochergaev O.V., Kopalin A.A., Yurchenko Y.А., Kotkin V.A. (Samara), Comprehensive diagnosis of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Pulmonary Fat Embolism in polytrauma


Skoroglyadov A.V., Lyadova M.V. (Moscow), Quality of medical care of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury and long bone fractures in a specialized level 3 hospital

Shchedrenok V.V., Gumanenko E.K., Kiryanova V.V., Zharova E.N., Potemkina E.G., Sebelev K.I., Moguchaya O.V. (Saint-Petersburg), Early surgical rehabilitation of the Neurotrauma


Chukina E.A., Shchetkin V.A., Klukvin I.Y., Mejebitskaia L.O., Vaza A.Y., Vorontsov Y.A. (Moscow), Medical gymnastics and physiotherapy in patients with lower extremity fractures complicated by Deep Vein Thrombosis



Approach to diagnosis and management of patients with polytrauma  (continuation)

Presentation time 7 min.

Moderators: Nazarov E.A, Samoday V.G., Sikilinda V.D.

Karimov M.Y., Salokhiddinov F.B., Grebyonkin V.V., Nurimov G.K. (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), Correction of the systemic inflammatory response in combined and multiple injuries of the musculoskeletal system

Klimovitsky V., Grebenuk A.M., Oksimets V.M., Ivashutin D.A. (Donetsk, Ukraine), The condition of bone and intraosseous blood circulation in the high-energy trauma in experiment

Tatarenko D.P., Ivanov A.S., Kisel M.N., Shapovalov V.A. (Lugansk), Peculiarities of stump tissue regeneration after amputation of lower limbs in people with vascular pathology

Alabut A.V., Sikilinda V.D., Furdey D.S., Suvorov D.Y. (Rostov-on-Don), Analysis of cardiovascular disease in patients with total knee arthroplasty

Kotelnikov G.P., Bulgakova S.V., Shafieva I.A., Pankratov A.S. (Samara), Complex solution of osteoporosis in the Samara region

Ryl'kov M.I., Samoday V.G., Polesskiy M.G., Semenov N.E., Kurbanov A.B. (Voronezh), Optimizing the treatment of patients with osteoporotic fractures

Pimanchev O.V., Brizhan L.K.,  Gritsyuk A.A. (Moscow), CPM-therapy in the rehabilitation of patients with post-traumatic gonarthrosis after total knee arthroplasty

Nazarov E.A., Fokin I.A., Lednev V.Yu., Seleznev A.V. (Ryazan), Сочетание озона и некоторых лазеров в лечении инфекционных осложнений травм



08.10.13, Exposition Hall 2 floor


Poster reports

Melyoshkin A.V., Suhih F.F., Nazarenko Y.A., Kostyuchenko K.S., Khromov E.V. (Electrostal), The usage of rods with locking in treatment of fractures complicated by osteoporosis


Telitsyn P.N., Zhila N.G. (Komsomolsk-on-Amur), Surgical management of old unreduced comminuted scapular fractures with acromioclavicular joint dislocation


Medvedev Y.A., Polyakov K.A. (Moscow), The statistics, anatomical and clinical classification of multiple midface fractures and injuries

Samokhvalov I.M., Seleznev A.B., Zhabin A.V., Udin A.B., Golovko K.P., Suvorov V.V., Markevich V.U., Kaznacheev M.V., Rikun A.O. (Moscow), Efficacy comparison of modes of tranexamic acid administration in an experimental liver injury model

Polyantsev A.A, Bosko O.Y., Karpenko S.N. (Volgograd), Duodenal and Gastric stress ulcers in Polytrauma Patients


Bosko O.Y., Malanin D.A. (Volgograd), First results and expectations of the development of a trauma systems in the Volgograd region


Paladiy I., Gidirim G., Kusturov V. (Moldova), Injury severity and outcome in multiple injured patients after severe abdominal and pelvic trauma

Pertsov V.I., Mirenkov K.V., Ivakhnenko D.S., Mirniy S.P. (Zaporozhye), Teaching of polytrauma related complications
at the department of disaster medicine

Guseynov A.G., Guseynov A.K. (Makhachkala), Mini-invasive ribcage immobilization in multiple rib fractures


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